Accent Deck is owned and operated by Joe Reider, a Colorado native and CSU graduate with a construction management and finance degree. We are licensed and insured. We have many referrals available upon request. We can use your design ideas, create one for you or use a combination of both. We construct all of our decks with the following:


There are a wide range of materials to build your deck with these days, the two primary groups are wood and composites. You should consider the many characteristics of each before making a choice. Some of these characteristics may include: look, cost, maintenance requirements, color choices, durability, warranty, and availability to mention a few. It is an important decision and all have consequences down the road. Here are a few of our options.


The only option for years, wood has produced many types from pine and redwood to hardwoods from south of the equator. All will require annual maintenance to preserve their color and beauty. One of the least expensive is pressure treated pine(green colored). We strongly do not recommend this material due to its characteristics such as twisting, splitting, cracking, warping and the chemicals that are used to preserve it. Redwood and hardwoods give a warm natural feel and are all priced comparably. They have some of the same features as pine such as twisting, cracking and splitting but are naturally resistant to decay. The maintenance required to keep them looking good can be expensive and time consuming but will maintain their beauty. Lack of maintenance can cause more expense and create an eyesore in your back yard.


Created in recent years from a combination of recycled plastic and wood this material is now used in 75 % of the decks being built in the country. The #1 reason is the little maintenance required, an occasional washing to remove dirt. The material cannot be used structurally except in handrails, and mainly serves as a trim to the wood frame of the deck. From a cost stand point the composites are now about the same as redwood and the hardwoods. When they first came out they were substantially higher, but in recent years have come down to be much more competitive. We believe this is because the lack of supply of redwood and the composite manufactures taking advantage of mass production to lower their costs. Most composites come in a variety of colors, sizes and textures. The use of two colors to accent the deck helps this look and has become quite popular. Wood grain textures are available but can trap dirt and develop wear patterns. Some of the manufactures that we use are Trex and Timbertech. The primary reason is they have been out the longest and are time proven. Also they provide strong warranties and stand behing their product. For more information on these products ask for additional brochures or check their websites out at and